Design Challenge 2022

    Congratulations to all of the students who entered! We had a record-breaking amount of entries, all of which were creative, thoughtful, and genuinely amazing. Thank you so much to the students, parents, faculty, and staff who supported the effort. The vibe of energy, community, and enthusiasm that came through left us absolutely #inspeyered.

    Our judges have voted and this year's selections are:


    • Ziva M., 3rd grade, gave us a beautiful interpretation of Dragons taking up the power of the pencil to draw their own destiny and inscribe their vision for change.

    • Daisy and Chase Y., 3rd and 1st grades, teamed up to craft this fun, dynamic, and completely unique community of characters united to become something bigger than themselves.

      • Hugo G., 7th grade, shows us all the knowledge of Speyer is bigger than the building itself. And, armed with that knowledge, students are ready to blow the roof off of 925, break free, and fly high. (Sorry, we couldn't interpret the book titles. We'll need Hugo to chime in and help us :)
      It’s going to take a little while to transform these amazing designs into production-ready pieces of t-shirt (and laptop sleeve) art. But, look for them to be available for sale starting February 7th. (Hey, that's the beginning of Spirit Week!)
      For now, please give a hand, a high-5, and lots of love to Ziva, Daisy, Chase, and Hugo. BRAVO!