Speyer Spirit T-shirt Design Challenge


Thanks for participating in the Speyer Spirit Shop’s Speyer Spirit T-shirt Design Challenge. The challenge is open to all Speyer students. One design from Lower School and one from Middle School will each have their own t-shirts printed and sold at the Speyer spirit Shop during Spirit Week in January 2020. All designs submitted will be showcased in Spirit Shop communications throughout the year.

Final decisions will be made jointly by a committee that includes Mr. Donovan, Ms. Cristella, Ms. Behradnia, the Advancement Team, and several faculty members. An announcement of their selected Lower School and Middle School design will be made after Thanksgiving break.



Here's what you need to do for the challenge:



When you show someone your design you should be able to say,

“This, is Speyer Spirit!”

That’s what we’re looking for— “inspeyered” expressions of Speyer spirit in words, images, and ideas. Be unique, be creative. Most of all, have fun.

Pro tip: Take time to explore your concept. Brainstorm, sketch, sleep on it, make changes, do it over, do it better...give it your best.



Helpful things to keep in mind:

• Some of the most classic t-shirt designs are the simplest.

• Final designs will be printed in either black or white ink only.

• If using text, make sure it is large and legible.

• The Speyer logo and date will be printed on the back of each shirt. No need to use them in the design.



Use a white 8.5"x11" piece of paper for your design and place it in the dropbox at the Syms lobby store along with,

Student name


Contact email

- or -

E-mail your digital design (hi-res JPG) to speyerstore@gmail.com. Use 8.5”x11” canvas, and please include the info above in the body of your email.



This opportunity is being brought to you by the Speyer Spirit Shop. We hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions, please email speyerstore@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you asap!