Speyer Dragon Mousepad Tournament Chess Board
Speyer Dragon Mousepad Tournament Chess Board

Speyer Dragon Mousepad Tournament Chess Board

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Proudly Made in the USA, this mousepad chess mat measures 20 x 20 inches and is .07 inch thick and conforms to World FIDE and United States Chess Federation tournament regulation standards. Widely used alphanumeric notation is included along the sides of the board to record a player's moves. Mouse pad chess boards are quickly becoming a favorite among chess enthusiasts because they have a soft surface with a thicker board than a vinyl or silicone chess mat, they always lay flat, and they do not slide around due to the grippy bottom. Because the board doesn't slide around during play, this type of board is preferred by fast chess players for rapid chess, blitz chess, and bullet chess when less time than normal tournament play is allotted to the players. Time is shorter, chess moves are rapid, and a board that slides can send the chess pieces flying. The padded surface of the board also extends the life of weighted chessmen. The board can be rolled-up to fit inside a chess bag, or it can be folded and stashed in a back pack without keeping a crease. The board arrives folded and may have creases upon arrival. These creases will relax within a few days if left out on a flat surface. May require a heavy book to accelerate the flattening process. Once the creases come out from original manufacturer's packaging, the board will lie flat without creases. 

• Mousepad chess board/mat featuring Speyer Dragon mascot

• Board measures 20 x 20 inches and is 1/16 inch thick 

• Color is wenge lightwood and rosewood

• Squares measure 2.25 inches 

• Stays flat and does not slide - Can be rolled-up or folded for storage 

• Meets the World and US Chess Federations (FIDE & USCF) standards for tournament play

Note: This item cannot be shipped. It is only available for pick-up at the Speyer Spirit Shop in the Syms lobby.